About SoCal Dogs

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** Since my goal is to provide as much info as quickly as possible, I cannot always verify the legitimacy of every plea I am asked to post. Please be sure to verify the recipient of any donation before giving money.


SoCal Dogs and its related Twitter feed and Facebook group are for informational purposes only. We do not house dogs or accept donations on their behalf. We are people who care and want to help by providing quick, easy-to-access and easy-to-spread information on behalf of rescues and volunteers.

Since I am only one person who manages a business of her own and does this in her spare time, please be patient as I may not be able to post things as quickly as I would like. That said, I am willing to post on behalf of any dog in Southern California in need of adoption, fostering, and/or medical help (when housed with a rescue group). Please provide complete info: rescue location, contact information, the dog’s ID number, gender, age, and any additional description and photos you can provide. Please keep the info concise and well-organized – it will make my job a lot simpler if I don’t have to edit or search through multiple emotional pleas for the most important information. Thank you!

I am also happy to include links to shelters and rescue groups in my links section, so feel free to send them my way for inclusion. These do not need to be limited to SoCal or dogs specifically – I am happy to support any animal rescue this way.
Info for posting may be emailed to me at dogs@labargephoto.com.


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