Mozart the Min-Pin only has until Wednesday! (video)

7 02 2011

ID#: A1178524
South L.A. Shelter:  (213)  485-0117 or (213)  485-0119

Mozart (A1178524, only 10 months old!) was totally terrified when he arrived at the shelter. He stayed at the back of his kennel, looking up at passers-by  —  but was just too shy to enchant anyone.  Well, on Saturday that changed.  Outside, after about an hour of  meeting and greeting, Mozart lost his fear and became everyone’s best friend. But, this little min pin with the luscious chocolate coat has been at the shelter now for FIVE weeks  —  one week past his deadline.

Please call the South L.A. shelter at once  (213)  485-0117  or  -0119.  His time is up on Wednesday, the 9th.




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