Timid Tatum Needs Some Love

21 01 2011

TATUM: A1176399
South L.A. Shelter
(213) 485-0117 or -0119

a note from the shelter:
Tatum  (A1176399, only 5 months old, 15+ pounds) is a total innocent who has never known happiness.  She’s a follower, watching her 2 pit puppy kennel mates, letting them jump on her back, bite her ears, and bark at her non-stop.  She looks at them blankly  —  you can see the wheels turning in her head.  Then, suddenly, she’ll bounce up and start to act like the puppy she is.  She’s a dog who has never known human kindness, shaking in the corner when you approach.  But, after a few moments in your lap, she’ll relax and start to steal some kisses.  Her heart is pure and open to anyone who will show her some love. Tatum is a little chunky mix of some different breeds.  Any ideas?  One thing is certain  —  she needs out of the shelter immediately, having been there for 4 weeks already.  South L.A. is horribly over-crowded  —  on Tuesday one man brought in 7 small dogs of his own!  And that story is not uncommon.  Please come visit Tatum.




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