Can anyone give this beautiful shepherd mix a new home?

6 01 2011

Squire: A1172606
South L.A.
(213) 485-0117 or -0119

Squire is a VSD (Very Special Dog) indeed. At 3 years old and 56 lbs. he is an exceptional companion.  Once he gets to know you, he will jump up to get his leash on then charge out the door, prancing as he walks.  The tail is up, the ears back, the fur blowing in the breeze.  Every few feet Squire will jump up, wanting you to pet him. Squire is kenneled with another dog, far more dominant, and he’s a bit intimidated.  They’ve had him out around many others and he has done fine.  This sensitive soul needs out now!!!  If you would like to adopt him, please visit the shelter at 3612 11th Ave., L.A.  90018 or call (213)  485-0117  or  -0119.




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