Lea’s Been Given Just a Little More Time

28 12 2010

Lea: A1170828
South L.A.
(213) 485-0117 or -0119

Check out the gorgeous markings on this sweetie! Lea is a shy girl, so she’s gone unnoticed in her kennel. But give her a few minutes to warm up to you and she’s all cuddles and kisses. It’s hard to resist this 1-1/2 year old, 45 lb. Pointer mix.

When Officer Smith asked last week about dogs to evaluate, kennel volunteers mentioned Lea.   Officers see a great many dogs in the field and at the shelter and if they say “that dog is amazing —  she truly is.  Here is the report now on Lea’s record  :  “good on a leash and listens well to commands.  She bonded very quickly and was very affectionate after about 30 minutes.  She definitely has a lot of pointer characteristics.  She lifts her right leg at the wrist and points her very long tail straight back.  She has a natural heel and walked beside me, making eye contact.  She has an athletic build and will require regular exercise.  She did some whining, but I believe that will stop when she is in a secure environment.  This dog can be a little shy, but will bond deeply, very quickly. Anyone would be lucky to have this dog, as she will be a dedicated companion.

She’s been in the shelter since 11/21 and needs to get out. She was scheduled for euthanization yesterday, but was extended for a couple of days. Won’t you consider saving her?




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