Guido – 8 mo. old MinPin

26 08 2010
GUIDO: A1132323
South L.A.
(213) 485-0117 or -0119

Love those huge ears!!!

Guido  (A1132323, a mere 8 months old and only 9 pounds when impounded on July 14th  — well over a month ago) is a funny little guy.  Sweet, sweet, sweet-natured, gentle yet passionate —  as only an Italian min pin from South L.A. can be (well…).  Although put in the kennels when he arrived, he was soon moved to ISO where he could eat to his heart’s content.  Guido had pizza and pasta and pastries  —  all sorts of Italian goodies  —  well, not exactly.  But, he loved the Trader Joe’s canned food that they fed him by hand!!!  Finally putting on a couple of pounds and happy as he could be, Guido was moved back out into the kennels with the other doggies where he gets along just fine.  But he sure would like to be in a home of his own with lots of love and a couple of tasty snacks thrown in for good measure.




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