Bonita – Beautiful Alaskan Malamute – Very Urgent!

14 08 2010

BONITA: A1137437
South L.A. Shelter
(213) 485-0117 or -0119

5 year old Bonita was turned in by her owner after being hit by a car. Realizing her mistake, the owner returned and wanted her back, but refused to pay the shelter’s fees and left her again (I guess she thought she’d get free health care then just get her back)! She is the dearest girl imaginable and was well cared for prior to the accident, but she needs extra special care now. Bonita has a fractured radius/ulna that will definitely require surgery. A quiet girl, gentle and loving as she can be, seems fine around other dogs. She does not deserve to die in the shelter because of her owner’s mistake. Please call South L.A. to save her  (213)  485-0117  or  -0119.




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