Please Help Warrick and Oliver – BOTH REDLISTED!

20 06 2009

warrickWARRICK (ID #1029636)
East Valley Shelter
818.756.9323, 818.756.9324 OR 213.485.8613

Warrick is strong, young, and full of life and energy. He was redlisted a long while ago, but has become a shelter favorite which has saved him so far. But he is coming to the end of his time at the shelter and must find a forever home right away! He is super affectionate, but it is clear that he has not been trained so an animal trainer is offering a free two-hour in-home training session in the L.A. area to anyone who adopts Warrick. (PLEASE CONTACT MARYSIA 626 497-2649-CELL).

Oliver  A1019322  5-09OLIVER (ID #A1019322)
1 year old, lab mix, male
West L.A. Shelter – (213)  485-0494  or  -0495

Oliver is a shy, beautiful young male. Once he bonds with someone he’s super sweet and affectionate.  And can be very focused.  He just needs some time to build confidence. Gorgeous black and white coat and one blue eye make him a unique and striking companion!

Please help spread the word to save these sweet, sweet little boys!




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