Sweet Stanley – Redlisted

11 06 2009

SLA 6-9-09 005South L.A. Shelter
(213)  485-0117 or -0119
Stanley: A1034981

Stanley  (A1034981, 3 year old German shepherd mix), came into the shelter after being attacked, leaving wounds on his legs and ears.  Such a gentle and loving dog, he was so worried last night when the dogs in the shelter barked at him, bringing back horrible memories of the beating.

Stanley is an exceptional dog.  Good-natured, gentle, yet playful and full of life, he will do anything to please.  He’ll lounge in your lap, lick your face without stopping, whatever makes you giggle, he will do.  How ironic that Stanley’s scars are healing but that he is facing a fate far worse than bruises and cuts.  For Stanley was red-listed on June 3rd  —  and his 7 days are up.

Stanley has only a few days to live  —  no more  —  unless rescued.  Please save him.

Call the South L.A. shelter at (213)  485-0117 or -0119 immediately.





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