UPDATE: ADOPTED! (Polar the Shep/Corgi only has until 3/10)

8 03 2009


Polar, the 1 ½ year-old shepherd/corgi mix at Pasadena Humane Society needs rescue/adoption as soon as possible!

He was turned in to the Pasadena Humane Society by his owner on February 12th . (He was “too big” and “barky”). He is a boisterous young dog who is beginning to have problems kenneling here. He loves to play, especially tug-of-war, and that has gotten him into some trouble; He likes to use the smocks that volunteers wear as tug-toys.

Polar is very good with an experienced handler. Volunteers say that he is good on his walks, although sometimes needs to be refocused because he gets a little nippy. He is also a powerful little guy (he’s a 44 pound low-rider). He jumps up a lot for attention, but again, can be refocused using the “sit” command.

Polar’s energy level has put him in danger here. He needs to get out to a home ASAP that will take him for long walks and throw a ball around the yard for him. In his dog-to-dog evaluation, he was very good and appropriate (with a larger female shepherd mix). Polar will sit and down for treats. He would do so well with a strong leader as he is eager to please. Please give this adorable guy a second chance.

We are asking for a commitment by Tuesday, March 10th for Polar.

Dog ID #: A245677
Pasadena Humane Society adoptions office – (626) 792-7151 x 137, Kevin at x 119, Mary at x 121, or Ute at x 117.
Or email Kevin at mobile@phsspca.org Mary at adoptsup@phsspca.org or Ute at ute@phsspca.org.




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