Can you foster Cassie, the beagle mix?

25 05 2011

I got this email today, with a plea from Susan Hufeld. If you can help Cassie avoid going to the shelter, please contact Susan directly (contact info below):

I need to find a foster home very quickly for a beagle mix we named “Cassie” that I found a couple weeks ago on the street. She can’t stay with my mom much longer. Please read her short story below:

Cassie is a beagle/terrier mix, approximately 5 – 6 years old. She was found in the City of Inglewood in the middle of rush-hour traffic. She has a very sweet face and disposition, but extremely timid. Cassie appears to have just had puppies and was loaded with ticks when found. She has bite marks on her face and ears and probably had quite a struggle on the streets. She recently received her first round of vaccines, including Rabies, was spayed, treated for ticks and microchipped. She needs a loving and patient person to bring her life around full-circle. She doesn’t appear to have been socialized with children and would do best in a calm environment without children She cannot stay in her current home very much longer, but has already grown attached to the older man in the home and the family’s golden retriever. She is great with other dogs! She needs either a forever home or a foster soon or might have to be relinquished to the shelter. Please help Cassie.

Contact is Susan Hufeld — can anyone help?! Foster? Rescue? Adopt? Know someone? They cannot keep her much longer and will take her to the pound! She was found on the streets, having struggled for her life – will she ever know a family of her own?


Ty Stole My Heart, Now It’s My Mission to Find Him A Home (Please RT)

13 02 2011

approx. 2 years old, 30 lbs, keeshond mix

Last weekend while running errands, I walked into an adoption drive on Ventura Blvd. just west of Laurel Canyon. If you know the area, you’re probably familiar with the Book Star right there – that’s where Kinder4Rescue sets up every Saturday afternoon to find fosters and forever homes for their dogs.

Walking through, admiring all of the beautiful faces, I spotted Ty and knew this guy was something special. I admit, I have a soft spot for the underdogs – the more ragamuffin, the more I love ’em – but how could you not? Ty is a quiet, gentle young boy (they estimate him to be around 2 years old) and I’m told he has a playful side. One side of his face is a bit caved in, probably from being hit by a car. Kinder4Rescue has helped him recover from his injuries and subsequent surgery and he is as good as new now, just waiting on his new forever home. He is already neutered, current on his shots, great with other dogs, doesn’t seem to mind cats, is great on a leash, and is already housebroken!

I determined last week that I would make it my mission to help find him someone special to be his new family for life, however the rescue’s website was a little out of date and they had no info on him… but I went back and visited Ty on Ventura again this weekend. He is doing great and was getting a lot of attention, and I confirmed that he is now online as well, so won’t you please check out Kinder4Rescue and consider bringing Ty home?

I’ll go by there every weekend and post an update on him until he’s gone, which, as much as I’ll miss him, I hope will be by next weekend. Perhaps you’re still looking for that perfect Valentine?

Big, Beautiful Agatha Needs Out Now (please RT)

10 02 2011

ID#: A1181611
South L.A. Shelter:  (213)  485-0117 or (213)  485-0119

Agatha (A1181611, 6 years old, 60 pounds and nearly 6 feet tall !!! when standing on her hind legs  —  which she does all the time), with her goofy grin and bubbly personality, never lets anyone walk by without investigating them.  She’ll jump up to get extra close for kisses  — Agatha is a boisterous babe who is always happy.  She has been kenneled with other dogs and has done fine  —  though she can be overpowering.  When she jumped on Jolene (a lovely chow mix) recently, Jolene told her in no uncertain terms to back off  — which Agatha politely did without further investigation. She arrived 1/12  —  and it’s 2/10 today so her time is up.  Check her out at South L.A. shelter  3612  11th Ave., L.A.  90018.

Moses and Snoopy want to be your valentines!

9 02 2011

Mozart the Min-Pin only has until Wednesday! (video)

7 02 2011

ID#: A1178524
South L.A. Shelter:  (213)  485-0117 or (213)  485-0119

Mozart (A1178524, only 10 months old!) was totally terrified when he arrived at the shelter. He stayed at the back of his kennel, looking up at passers-by  —  but was just too shy to enchant anyone.  Well, on Saturday that changed.  Outside, after about an hour of  meeting and greeting, Mozart lost his fear and became everyone’s best friend. But, this little min pin with the luscious chocolate coat has been at the shelter now for FIVE weeks  —  one week past his deadline.

Please call the South L.A. shelter at once  (213)  485-0117  or  -0119.  His time is up on Wednesday, the 9th.

Timid Tatum Needs Some Love

21 01 2011

TATUM: A1176399
South L.A. Shelter
(213) 485-0117 or -0119

a note from the shelter:
Tatum  (A1176399, only 5 months old, 15+ pounds) is a total innocent who has never known happiness.  She’s a follower, watching her 2 pit puppy kennel mates, letting them jump on her back, bite her ears, and bark at her non-stop.  She looks at them blankly  —  you can see the wheels turning in her head.  Then, suddenly, she’ll bounce up and start to act like the puppy she is.  She’s a dog who has never known human kindness, shaking in the corner when you approach.  But, after a few moments in your lap, she’ll relax and start to steal some kisses.  Her heart is pure and open to anyone who will show her some love. Tatum is a little chunky mix of some different breeds.  Any ideas?  One thing is certain  —  she needs out of the shelter immediately, having been there for 4 weeks already.  South L.A. is horribly over-crowded  —  on Tuesday one man brought in 7 small dogs of his own!  And that story is not uncommon.  Please come visit Tatum.

Honey the Overgrown Terrier (video!)

21 01 2011

HONEY: A1180708
South L.A. Shelter
(213) 485-0117 or -0119

A note from the shelter:
Honey (A1180708, already spayed, 2 years old, 37 pounds). [She is also already microchipped and has had all of her vaccinations.] I was there when her owner surrendered her, no longer able to care for her and her Bouvier sister.  The two dogs stuck together in their kennel, completely puzzled but gaining support from one another  —  until a woman came and adopted the sister.  Sadly, when I saw the woman return to the shelter looking for another dog the next weekend, she refused to consider Honey!! — saying she wanted a “big dog.” There’s a new dog in Honey’s kennel  —  but it’s not the same.  This is a timid girl who wants to love and to lay in your lap.  She just needs encouragement and a guarantee that her heart won’t be broken again.